Tutorial: SUPER Glam, Glittery, Smokey Eye

I uploaded this look to Instagram a few months ago and I’ve had tonnes of messages asking what products I used and for a step-by-step guide on how to do it, so here goes :-)! (Pics aren’t the best quality unfortunately -.-)


Products Used

♥   Morphe 35p Eyeshadow Pallette
♥   NYX Glitter Primer
♥   GlitterEyes Onyx Pressed Glitter
♥   Brushes: Fluffy blending brush, flat brush, pencil brush, small precision brush
♥   Black Pencil Eyeliner

This look can be realllly messy to do so my advice would be to concentrate on your eyes first, clean up any shadow/glitter fallout and then start with your face. 

Step 1 – I primed my lids. If you’re wanting any look to last for a long period of time, make sure you prime your eyes with an eye shadow primer before you start. 

Step 2 – Transition shade (Morphe shade 1) – I took a medium brown eye shadow and using a fluffy blending brush, I blended the eye shadow into the crease of my eyelids and up onto my brow bone. No need to be tidy, I clean this up later!

Step 3 – I coloured my entire eyelid in with a black pencil eye liner and then in a windscreen-wiper motion, with a fluffy blending brush, I blended the outer edge of the liner into my crease.


Step 5 – Taking a flat eye shadow brush, I packed some black eye shadow (Morphe shade 2) over the eyeliner to set it in place.

Step 6 – Using a face wipe, I wiped in a diagonal line towards my ear, cleaning up where I’d just blended, to give a nice, clean, precise line.


Step 7 – Taking the same eyeliner pencil I used to cover my lids, I ran it along my lower lash line and water line, then blended it all with a small pencil brush.

Step 8 – ♥ GLITTER ♥ – I took a small amount of NYX Glitter Primer and dabbed it over my lid, I then dipped my finger into some black glitter and pressed it onto the glitter glue, covering my entire lid.

Step 9 – Using a small precision brush, I took  a nice shimmery silver eye shadow (Morphe shade 3) and added it to the inner corners of my eyes for glowy inner corner highlight.

Step 10 – Mascara, lashes aaand you’re done!


Hope you found this useful! Any questions give me a message 🙂


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