How to apply glitter to your eyes without getting it all over your face!

We’ve all (I say all, the glitter obsessed) been there…

You’ve tried to apply glitter to your eyes and it’s ended up all over your face! I’ve tried SO many different ways of putting it on over the years and this way works best for me!

What you’ll need: Glitter, glue and your fingers! 

This step comes after you’ve applied your eye shadow and are ready to get JAZZY!

  1. Glitter glue! No, not the PVA glue you used to stick to the back of your hand and peel off at school, the cosmetic kind. It’s a tacky primer that will keep your glitter on your eyes and not your cheeks! I squeeze a little onto the back of my hand, dip my finger in and pat (NOT RUB) over my lid as a base.
  2. I then apply some more glue to my finger, dip my finger into my pot of glitter and blow the excess off. (IMPORTANT – not blowing the excess off will make the glitter fall over your face as you’re applying to the lid).
  3. I tilt my head back, look downwards and pat the glitter over my eye lid slowly.
  4. Repeat from step 2 until your eyes are as glittery as your soul!

*Another tip is to use a beauty blender and add translucent powder to your under eyes before you’re completing the above steps, then dust away with a fluffy brush once you’re done! (I’ve tried both Laura Mercier & KIKO translucent powders and they’re both fine to use for this step).


It’s a quick read and a quick tip but it really is as easy as that! You just have to practice, practice, practice! 🙂

I use NYX Glitter Primer (£7.00), it’s super cheap and I think it works amazingly well! NYX_Glitter_Primer_10ml_1476446109_main

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26, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Beauty obsessed. Enjoy some easy reading from a Geordie lass who loves glitter and gore.

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