New hair, don’t care! Any advice for upkeep welcome :-)!

Hi guys!

I’ve always wondered whether I would suit ginger/copper hair but never really had the guts to just go for it and get it done. Aside from people saying I wouldn’t suit it or they just weren’t sure or telling me it was a bad idea, I always steered away from it…until a few weeks ago when I thought “f*ck it, I’m doing it, it’s only bloody hair, I can dye it back!”

SO, I did it and I freaking love it!

I went from very dark hair, almost black ombré to a gorgeous warm copper, it did take a while I was in there for a good few hours but it was totally worth it! Here’s my before and after:


If you fancy a laugh zoom in on the imagine to my reflection in the mirror I look like the ghost of beauty past. 

I had to have my hair stripped twice as there was A LOT of black dye from my previous hair colour that needed to be lifted out, but the end result was beautiful. My hairdresser did advise me that the colour takes a lot of upkeep so I’m booked in for a toner in 3 weeks!


Also, why is it so hard to buy products for red hair over the counter?! I went to Boots, Superdrug and every hairdressers in my local shopping centre and all I could find was a TRESemme Colour Revitalise shampoo?! I managed to pick up the John Frieda Radiant Red conditioner so having to buy some other products online.

I’ll keep you all updated on the upkeep/products used/how well they work and if you have ANY tips for help keeping the colour looking so vibrant I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading 🙂 xx


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7 thoughts on “New hair, don’t care! Any advice for upkeep welcome :-)!

  1. Hi,
    Your hair looks gorgeous.
    I am a natural redhead but as I’ve got older it needs “refreshing” so I use Aveda madder root shampoo and conditioner. ( you can get it online or Fenwicks in Newcastle stock it) Hope that helps.

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  2. Nice one! It looks absolutely stunning! 😍 & such a refreshing change to your hair, it looks much healthier 👌 I went for a super light brown/hazelnutty colour recently so it doesn’t require as much upkeep as red but I do like to use the Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner. I swear by these two products & never wash my hair with anything else! My colour stays vibrant for absolute ages! If you wanna know more about the shampoo check this out 👉 other than that for red hair apparently sunlight isn’t so good cause exposure can lead to copper hair! Good luck! 💋

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