When beauty meme’s actually relate to life.

Fun post!

Here are some beauty meme’s I’ve found that relate to my actual life! (and I bet tonnes of yours too! Haha)

Boyfriend relateable

The poor laaaaaads man! I mean seriously, try to understand how hard it is having a girlfriend that is addicted to buying make up. I feel for them! Like, can you imagine if football shops were an actual thing that lads went to on a weekly and they dragged you there, just to stand waiting whilst they compare the colour of two footballs that are the exact same shade but ones matte, the other glossy?! Alternatively, needing you to give them at least two hours notice if you wanted to take them out somewhere nice?! The horror! Haha soz lads, to be fair, you’re really the winner here. Makeup = arm candy.


Anybody else’s boyfriend wear beard oil and try and kiss you after you’ve spent 3 days doing your makeup?! Exqueeeeze me, step’tf back!


Other peoples opinions!

Opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one! Doesn’t mean you need to pay aaany attention to them! Here, lads, we wear make up, of course we don’t look the same when we take it off or “you take us swimming” *eye roll*. I wouldn’t spend 30.00 quid on foundation if I wanted to look like my ACTUAL self would I?


The only person I’m trying to impress with makeup is myself, like “YES, COME ON LASS, WE DID IT TODAY, WE MANAGED TO GET TWO EYES MATCHING!!” or “YES, I DID THE LIQUID LIP AND GOT IN THE LINES OF MY LIP” – Now, that, is impressive, have you tried it?!


img_7750Also, this glitter meme, is literally me! I LIVE for glitter. Ruined my eyeliner? Glitter. Can’t get my shadow to blend right? Glitter. Feeling upset? Glitter. Put weight on? Glitter!

Other Beauty Relateable




Actual photo of me on the right there^


Hope you enjoyed these memes as much as I did laughing at them! What are your faves?! Tweet me 🙂

*I didn’t make any of these memes


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26, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Beauty obsessed. Enjoy some easy reading from a Geordie lass who loves glitter and gore.

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