My Top 10 Beauty Tips

Over the years I’ve read hundreds of ‘top beauty tips’ and so I thought I’d share mine with you!


1. How to create a beautifully blended eye shadow look

The key to creating beautifully blended eye shadow is time, patience and a fluffy eye shadow brush. I use the Morphe M511 (£5.50), I bought a MAC 224 years ago which is also great however Morphe is much better on price! A top tip to blend like a pro is spend time blending! I know that may sound stupid but all of the amazing Instagram pics you’ve seen or makeup artists with fantastic makeup, spent a good amount of time blending their eye shadow. It’s not just as easy as 4 or 5 sweeps of a brush. Spend time going back and forth in an arch motion to create a blended crease that looks effortless. The fluffy blending brush will be your new best mate.

2.Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

You might think this is one of those things your mam tells you to do like “eat your carrots, you’ll see better in the dark” however this is one of the best beauty tips you’ll ever get! Always moisturise your skin before applying your primer or foundation. a) it helps keep your skin looking fresh b) it helps your foundation blend flawlessly! Makeup tends to stick to dry areas, so always moisturise to avoid looking patchy!

3. Remove your makeup & cleanse before bed.

I know it’s a tedious task and one that we all can’t always be bothered to do, but you really should remove your makeup before bed. Aside from ruining your pillows, you sweat during the night and having makeup sitting on top of sweaty pores is really bad for your skin. Not only does it cause spots and irritate dry skin, believe it or not, it can actually age you! Without boring you with a science lesson, make up alongside all of the nasty chemicals in the air, can cause the elasticity of your skin to weaken, causing wrinkles and saggy skin. This happens as you get older naturally, don’t help speed up the process!

This also goes for the gym or working out, sweat + makeup do not mix!

4. Clean your make up brushes.

I know I’ve already written a post about how important it is to clean your makeup brushes (find it here), however, it absolutely needs to be in my top tips!

5. Sellotape is your new bestie!

Struggling with getting your eyeliner so on point you almost cut yourself? Apply some sellotape outwards from the corner of your eye (make sure you follow the natural line of your eye). As sellotape acts as a barrier to make sure you keep your line straight, you can be as messy as you want and when you’re finished just peel it off to reveal a lonnnng slick line. I’d recommend doing your foundation after your eyes if you’re going to use sellotape because when you peel it off it will take your foundation with it.


6. Use lip liner

Lip liner is an important tool when trying to keep your lipstick looking flawless. Not only does it help you colour in the lines with your lip stick, using a lip liner helps to stop your lipstick or gloss from bleeding. It acts as a sort of barrier between your lipstick and upper lip and keeps everything looking tidy! Try to get a lip liner that best matches the colour of your lipstick. 

7. THE WORST HAS HAPPENED! You’ve spent ages doing your make up and you’ve accidentally poked yourself in the face with your mascara!

The best tip I read for getting this off is to leave it until you’re about to leave the house. It gives the mascara time to harden meaning you can just scratch if off and it will flake away. Trying to take it off when it’s still wet will smudge it on your face and create a bigger problem. After you’ve scratched it off just apply a little concealer and you’re good to go!

8. Prep your face & lids.

I’ve already talked about the importance of primer in a previous blog and it’s staying here in my top 10! As for your lids, keep your eye shadow looking flawless by using an eye shadow primer to help your look stay all day and prevent it from creasing.

9. Use concealer to tidy up

Not the house, any mistakes you make with your lipstick, eye shadow, mascara. If you’ve over lined your lip, went in too hard with your eyebrow product or when your eyeliner is touching your eyebrow, take a small brush dab it in a little concealer and use it tidy up the area. I do this every day with lipstick to help give it a clean finish. I sweep it along my bottom lip to smooth away any mistakes.

10. Buff don’t drag!

Over the years I’ve applied my foundation in a variety of different ways! The best way I’ve found for making my foundation look flawless is to buff the foundation into my skin. I’m currently using a Morphe mini buffer brush however I used to use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which is just as good! I apply the foundation to the brush and onto my skin with a a quick up and down tapping motion. It helps your foundation buff nicely into your skin and ensures it doesn’t leave you looking patchy, this can happen when you use a flat foundation brush and are dragging the formula around your skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I have lots of tips and tricks but didn’t want to go on forever! I’ll try to start adding a tip a month to help cover off everything.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 xx

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26, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Beauty obsessed. Enjoy some easy reading from a Geordie lass who loves glitter and gore.

One thought on “My Top 10 Beauty Tips

  1. This is great! I love the Mascara one, I always wait till its dry because of it smudging! & I am just trying out this Selotape thing, and it really works xo


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