Peacocking Around – Tutorial

Tonight’s look is a peacocky-tealy-greeny smoked eye! (Tiny sprinkle of glitter in the corners of the eyes obvs✨)

*Start off by placing some sellotape facing outwards on the corner of your eye. This helps you keep a defined line when blending, it also helps you keep a straight line when doing your eyeliner too!Β 

1. I started with a warm brown eye shadow on first for the crease colour and just blended that all over.


2. I then went in with a small brush and packed on some black and blended that out.


3. Next I took a MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre and placed it all over my lid to form a base for the teal shadow to help keep it reaaaaaaaaaal bright.


I forgot to take pictures after this stage but as follows…
4. I packed the teal shade all over my lid

5. I then wentΒ back in with the warm brown and again with the black to blend everything in together. Soooo much blending, if it’s not looking right – just blend until your brush snaps it will look good in the end! Ha.Β 

6. Applied my winged eyeliner andΒ peeled off the sellotape.

8. I took a small pencil brush and the warm brown shade and blended it along my lower lash line.

9. I then went in with a black pencil eyeliner to the waterline and blended out for a smokey effect with a small pencil brush. Make sure to blend along the line where you just peeled the sellotape off to connect the two and make it look seamless.

10. Sprinkled a little teal glitter to the inner corner of my eyes.

11. I finished the look by adding my lashes!



Hope you liked this look πŸ™‚ xx

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26, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Beauty obsessed. Enjoy some easy reading from a Geordie lass who loves glitter and gore.

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