LVL Lashes – add length and volume without lash extensions or mascara!

LVL lashes are the new in-thing so I thought I’d give it a go!

What is it? LVL stands for Length-Volume-Lift. It’s a lash treatment that brings out the most amazing results from your own eyelashes!

The process: The technician straightens your lashes from the root which curls them upwards and she then tints them to mimic mascara and the results are incredible. (I got black, you can go for a lighter shade)

How long does it last? 4-6 weeks!

Cost: £40

Does it hurt? No! Its super relaxing, I almost fell asleep.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! This is perfect for someone that wants a natural look and doesn’t like the idea of extensions. If you have small lashes or lashes that grow straight or downwards, you should 100% try this treatment. The results will be incredible for you and totally worth the price. I had to explain to my mam that I didn’t have extensions put in when I came home after having them done, she was floored!

Before and after:


I still can’t get over the fact I don’t have any mascara on in the bottom picture!

I had my treatment at The Lash Clinics in Lowfell, Newcastle. Charlotte is amazing, the place is amazing and I couldn’t recommend her enough I will 100% be returning.

For anyone living in Newcastle here are her details: | 07912 365 872 | 0191 487 6029

9 Anderson Green, Saltwell Business Park, Low Fell, NE9 5BQ

Social Media: Instagram | Facebook 

If you have this treatment, let me know how it goes for you and how amazing your eyelashes look! 🙂 xx


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4 thoughts on “LVL Lashes – add length and volume without lash extensions or mascara!

    1. After a week my lashes still feel amazing. With extensions i tend to pull them out once one falls out and end up with no actual lashes left, but as these are your normal lashes they just feel so nice and no need to pull at them haha X


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