How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Hello lovelies! ♥ You don’t need the most overly complicated top of the range tools and serums to clean your make up brushes and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

I must admit, I am as guilty as anyone for not cleaning my make up brushes as often as I should, but cleaning your makeup brushes is as important as taking your makeup off. When using your brushes, bacteria is transferred from your face, onto your brush and then is left to sit until you use your brush again. You then repeat the same process every day letting bacteria build and spreading it around your face. If you have bad skin, you really should be cleaning your brushes after every use. (I know not everyone can be bothered to do that but it could really help your skin).

  1. Run warm water and dip your brush under.
  2. Add your cleaning agent of choice to your hand/sponge (gentle baby shampoo, soap, fairy liquid or you could go the extra mile and use a brush cleanser). NYX/MAC/Real Techniques are among the most commonly used. I tend to stick to the cheaper versions.
  3. Swirl your brush in a figure of 8 motion around your preferred surface dipping it back under the water to remove excess makeup, repeat until squeaky clean.
  4. Leave to dry naturally

*Tip, try and keep your brushes facing down when drying them, if water gets into the base of the brush it can weaken the bristles and eventually ruin your brush. An easy way to do this is to take a bobble, fold it in half and use it to tie the brush upside down on a coat hanger and voilá! Life hack!


There are a lot of ways you could clean your brushes, so many different contraptions such as: the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette (£10.00-£11.00) (tried it, didn’t rate it at all!), the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove (£25.00-£30.00) or this Sigma Dry’n Shape Spa (£22.00-£24.00). It has a varied surface for cleaning and holders at the top to keep your brushes facing downwards. Haven’t gotten around to trying it out but it does look great. I’ll stick to my figure of 8 around a sponge for now!

Thanks for reading, I hope it’s helped 🙂 x

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