Stuck for stocking fillers? Here’s some canny little gifts for under £20.00!

First and foremost, LUSH. I die for LUSH especially at Christmas. They have an amazing Christmas range that is perfect to pop into a stocking filler.

Two of my faves:img_6434

Butterbear (£1.95!!) – this bear is literally the most amazing thing I’ve put in the bath. It’s perfect for someone who isn’t into the usual sparkly, multi-coloured bath as it only makes the water slightly cloudy. Let me tell you, my skin after being in the bath with this bad boy, felt INCREDIBLE for about 2 days after. There are tiny bits of coco butter in the bear that float around the water and eventually melt into your skin. 10/10 and at £1.95 I bought



…and for a total OTT Christmas bath I also recommend this – Look how amazing it is and aptly named “The Spirit of Christmas”- (£5.95) – its super glittery, smells amazing and is propped on a stick of cinnamon with a cute little bell on a bow – LIVING for this bubble bar – you basically hold it under the running tap and it creates loads of orange glittery bubbles! Heaven.




Know someone who loves Prosecco? Try these Prosecco Gummies! (£2.99). You can get them from Lakeland, they taste lovely and are perfect as a gift. You can also get them in Rum and Coke flavour too for any Rum lovers!


NYX – Soft Matte Lip Creams (£5.50)

*You can get NYX fromnyx-soft-matte-lip-creams-2 Boots, they have a stall.

These lip creams are GORGEOUS! I have them in so many colours they’re so cheap and leave your lips feeling super soft. My absolute favorite is the shade ‘London‘ but it’s also apparently everyone else’s fave too so it’s never in stock! If you get the chance to get it GRAB IT and don’t let go!! (second shade in from the left in the image).

Another one from NYX is making your own eye shadow palette. Start someone off with an empty eye shadow palette (£4.50) and fill it with a couple of shadows to get them started. Each single refill is £2.50 and they’re lovely. Couple of my faves are ‘LOL’, a nice peachy-orange shade, Flustered a lush shimmering reddy colour (perfect for brown eyes) and Golden Peach a shimmery golden shade perfect for the festivities!

All in all, you could start someone off with their own eye shadow palette for around £10.00, I think this is a great gift!

Know someone who loves travelling? A Scratch Map (£10-£12) is the perfect gift! It’s a map of the world covered in gold leaf, every time you travel to a new place you scratch off the country. Perfect for someone off on their travels in the new year. Get it from Amazon.


Oh my God, these Victoria’s Secret – Pure Seduction Body Mists are INCREDIBLE. £9.99 from The Perfume Shop they are totally worth it. I spent a week in the office trying to find out what the gorgeous smell was and where it was coming from and it was a girl who was spraying the “red plum and freesia” these will go down a treat on Christmas day. vs-image



One of my favorite ever eye shadows is a MAC loose pigment in the shade Tan (£16.00) – its a gorgeous shimmering gold colour. It lasts forever I’ve had mine a good few years. *tip is to use your finger to pat this onto the lid, don’t use a brush as you get better shimmering results from your own finger!


Joma Jewelry – ‘A LITTLE…’ collection of bracelets (£14.00-£16.00) These bracelets are so cute, they’re silver dainty bracelets with a charm on. They come with a card that has a message written on it, I have a unicorn one gifted to me from my mam. I bought her an ‘xo’ so that she could have a hug and a kiss when I wasn’t around. I also bought my sister a horseshoe one when she was sitting her exams. They are adorable bracelets and a great gift for someone. Click here for a link to their website.


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